Nose Pad Buyers Guide for Glasses, Designer Eyewear, & Sunglasses
Nose Pads For Plastic Frames And Glasses
Nose pads for plastic frames and nosepads for eyeglasses without nose pads may be added primarily in three ways.

The use of adhesive nose pads is a popular method of converting a pad-free eyeglass frame into one that uses nose pads.  A popular type of self  adhesive nose pad is commonly referred to as the stick-on nose pad.  Stick on nosepads are applied to the glasses frame by means of an adhesive material.

A more permanent method of applying glasses nose pads or nose pieces  to plastic frames and eyeglasses is installing snappy nose pads, also referred to as build-up nose pads.  Snappy nose pads require an appropriate modification to the eyeglass frame bridge area by either an eyeglass repair store or trained optician.

Snappy nose pads are also referred to as press-on nose pads, press-in nose pads, or more generally just nose pads for plastic frames.

Lastly, nose pad arms on plastic frames may be added to eyeglasses without nose pads by having a professional eyeglass technician or repair facility install the desired nose pad arms directly in the bridge area of the pair of glasses.  In this manner, a nose pad arm such as snap-in, rimless slide-on, or screw-on may be installed so that the desired type of nose pad may be employed. 

Please note that each of the above methods of adding eyeglasses pads or nose pieces for plastic frames and eyeglasses may not be achievable for all glasses frames.  Many frames simply do not have sufficient room to add these nose pad extension methods, while other frames may not appear aesthetically pleasing with the addition of nose pads.

Nose pads for metal frames are also available in an almost infinite variety of styles.

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