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We are very proud to introduce NosePads.Com as THE Buyers Guide for purchasers of nose pads.

The eyeglass optical field, just like any other technical field, has developed its own jargon and language with regard to its products.  Thus, the humble little nose pad is also described by unique terms used by dispensing opticians, glasses sellers, and others in the eyeglass world.

This Buyer's Guide de-mystifies the optical trade language by using color images, illustrations, and clear simple language that describes the various aspects of the nose pad selection process. 

This guide is not intended to be used in place of your eyecare professional, but is provided as a resource to clarify the nose pad selection process.

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The addition of new color images of different nose pad designs have been added to provide an easy method to distinguish one nose pad type from an other.

By briefly viewing the color pictures of the major nose pad shapes such as oval, strap bridge, softwing, etc, the proper industry used name of the nose pad employed in your pair of glasses can easily be determined.

The expanded website sections describe the other main features of nose pad selection.  By viewing the sections detailing nose pad mounting types, nose pad sizes, and nose pad materials, the proper replacement nose pad will be able to be located.

Since the introduction of our comprehensive Nose Pad Buyer's Guide, we have had numerous requests for a low cost reliable vendor of first quality nose pads where someone could purchase just one pair of nose pads if they chose to. 

We initially thought that it would be an easy task to locate such a vendor that we could refer people to.   We soon found that this was not the case.  Most nose pad vendors either charged too much for nose pads, or required a minimum quantity purchase, or required a minimum dollar amount of purchase, or charged outrageous shipping charges!

Realizing that most people just wanted to buy top quality nose pads at a low cost without having to mortgage their home, we spent considerable time researching the nose pad industry.

As a result of this research, we are pleased to announce that we are now providing to our website visitors genuine first quality Optipad(TM) brand nose pads at a very low costFREE SPARE PAIRno minimum order, and low-cost flat shipping charge  regardless of quantity ordered.  An order of one pair of nose pads is perfectly fine!

We hope this additional feature of NosePads.Com will be of value to our many worldwide website visitors.

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