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Eyeglass Temple Tips, Temple Covers, Temple Ends
Temple Tips ( temple covers ):  Replacement eyeglass temple tips, commonly referred to as "temple covers" and "temple ends" are a common glasses repair part.  Temple tips slide onto the bare metal ends of optical frame temples and provide a comfortable contact area between the eyeglass wearer and the bare metal core temple end.

Temple covers often last the life of a pair of glasses; although, sometimes they need replacing due to normal wear and tear as well as degradation of the temple cover material due to exposure to skin oil and eyeglass lens cleaning solutions.  Replacement of worn or brittle temple ends or temple covers is recommended to maintain the comfort of the spectacle frame wearer. 

Temple tip ends are available in a rainbow of colors and materials.  Common temple cover materials include hard acetate, plastic, and soft silicone.

Common temple tip inner core diameters include 1.35mm, 1.45mm, and 1.60mm.

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