Nose Pad Buyers Guide for Glasses, Designer Eyewear, & Sunglasses
Snap-In Nose Pads
Snap-in nose pads inserts for frames are one of three main types of nose pads; the other two being screw-on nose pads and rimless slide-on nose pads.

The term snap-in describes the often heard snapping sound heard when a snap-in nose pad is secured into a corresponding snap in nose pad mount.  Please note; however, that depending on the particular construction of the nose pad and corresponding nose pad mount that this snapping sound may not be present.

Typically snap-in nose pads allow some wiggle room for the installed nose pads. This wiggle room enables the nose pads inserts to slightly rotate about the nose pad mount whereby the nose pads adjust their orientation onto the nasal area of the wearer so that the nose pads may sit flush against the skin. This slight allowance for self alignment should not be overstated, as generally the nose pads only move to a very small degree.  Also, many installed snap-in nose pads do not enable ANY movement of the nosepads.

Although, as noted above, some snap in nose pads allow for some free movement of the nose pad, use of snap-in nose pads are absolutely no substitute for having nose pads properly adjusted after installation.

Although the terms snap-in and push-in for the above described nose pads and nose pad mounts are sometimes used by consumers, optical professionals typically use the terms push-on nose pads and push-on nose pad mounts.

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