Nose Pad Buyers Guide for Glasses, Designer Eyewear, & Sunglasses
Slide-On Nose Pads
Slide-on nose pads and nose pieces for glasses, also called slide-on rimless nose pads, are nose pads for glasses that have a round protrusion on their backside that has a lip extension along the circumference of its end.

The nose pad protrusion slides into a nose pad mounting arm which resembles the shape of an elongated hairpin shaped wire.  The lip containing end of the nose pad protrusion holds the nosepad in place when the nosepad is slid into the hairpin-like wire structure.

Some slide-in nose piece mounts have a v-shaped or corrugated shape at the nose pad containing end which further secures the nose pad in place.  A light force needs to applied to this crimped area to expand the hairpin-like structure so that the nose pad insert may be removed from the nose pad mount.

Slide on eyeglasses pads and slide on nose pad mounts are often referred to as slide on rimless nose pads or slide on rimless nose pads mounts since this type of nosepad and nose pad mounting system is often seen on rimless glasses frames and semi-rimless eyeglass frames.

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