Nose Pad Buyers Guide for Glasses, Designer Eyewear, & Sunglasses
Adhesive Nose Pads
Plastic frames are a typical example of eyeglasses without nose pads.  The use of self adhesive nose pads for plastic frames is a popular method of making the hard plastic nasal area of a glasses frame into a more comfortable wearing experience.

Adhesive nose pads for glasses frames, also commonly called stick on nose pads, press-on nose pads,  press-in nose pads, or simply self adhesive pads  consist of a nose pad material that contains an adhesive sticky backing.  The adhesive back simply adheres to the bridge area of the plastic eyeglass frame.  The soft front material makes contact with the eyeglass wearers nasal area.

Nose pad materials used in adhesive nose pads vary, but often are composed of a soft foam or silicone material.  Black nose pads are often adhesive backed nose pads fabricated with a black foam surface.

Black nose pads are one color version of the stick-on style of replacement adhesive glasses nose pads.  In addition to black nose pads, pink color adhesive nose pads are also popular with this type of nose pad mount.   Other common colors include various shades of black as well as a variety of shades of pink.

If rain water, eyeglass cleaning solutions, or tap water moistens the foam based nose pads, then the foam as well as the underlying adhesive backing may prematurely degrade.

Silicone adhesive nose pads, also called silicone stick on nose pads, are an alternative to foam based stick on nose pads.  Silicone stick-on nose pads for glasses frames are comprised of a layer of soft silicone overlaying an adhesive backing layer.

Nose pads stick on surfaces optimally when the surfaces are clean, dry, and non-greasy.  The stick on nose pad and nose pads for plastic glasses in general bring a new level of comfort to plastic eyeglass frame wearers.

Adhesive nose pads for glasses are often called clear nose pads when they are made of clear silicone material.

Silicone adhesive nose pads are typically available in pairs that peel off of a waxy backing material which called the carrier material.

Adhesive silicone nose pads and foam nose pads are the most popular types of stick on nose pads available today.

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