Extra Long Size
Nose pad screws for eye glasses are common optical spare parts.  Replacement screws used in eyeglass frame repair are most commonly constructed of stainless steel, although titanium nose pad screws are often found in designer and fashion eyewear frames that are predominately made of titanium or a titanium alloy.  The two most common nose pad screw colors are silver and gold.  The screw color is selected to most closely match the color of the eyewear or eyeglass frame; however, since nose pad screws are quite small and barely noticeable to either the eyeglass wearer or others, most any color optical screw part is typically acceptable.

The main specifications of a nose pad screw are the threading, head, and length of the screw.  To a consumer as well as an optical professional, such as an optician or eyeglass repair technician, it is very difficult to visually discern the difference between one nose pad screw threading and the threading used on another nose pad screw due to the small size of the nose pad screw and associated threading.

When installing replacement nose pads, it is best to use the existing nose pad screws if they are available. The head of the nose pad screw dictates the shape of the screwdriver tip that makes contact with the top of the nose pad screw.  The most common head used in nosepad screws is the straight or slotted head, which is the type found below.  Less common are nose pad screws with a Phillips cross head.  Commonly found jewelers screwdrivers or optical screwdrivers are typically used for the insertion and removal of nose pad screws.  Different nose pad mounts require different lengths of nose pad screws, whereas such lengths are typically referred to either as standard length (4.1mm) or extra long length (5.5mm).  Please note that nose pad screw measurements are indicated using millimeters (mm) from the Metric measuring system.

Below are nose pads screws that are very common in both many eyeglasses and sunglasses that use the screw-in or screw-on type of nose pad mount.  They are available in two lengths and two colors.  Sample packs contain a set of each nose pad screw length in your choice of color.  Please note that designers and manufacturers of eyewear and sunwear may use many different types of nose pads screws that may not be compatible with those listed below.  In other words, there is no such thing as a universal nose pad screw!
Standard Size
Nose Pad Screws - Standard Size - Gold Color -
Standard & Extra Long

$1.00/pair & FREE SPARE PAIR
$1.00/pair & FREE SPARE PAIR
Nose Pad Screws - Standard Size - Silver Color -
Sampler Pak
Nose Pad Screws - Extra Long Size - Gold Color -
$1.00/pair & FREE SPARE PAIR
$1.00/pair & FREE SPARE PAIR
Nose Pad Screws - Extra Long Size - Silver Color -
Nose Pad Screws - (2) Std. Size & (2) Extra Long Size - Gold Color -
$2.00/Pak & FREE SPARE PAK
Nose Pad Screws - (2) Std. Size & (2) Extra Long Size - Silver Color
$2.00/Pak & FREE SPARE PAK
Item Numbers:  ZANSO14-41G,  ZANSO14-41S
Item Numbers:  ZANS114-55G,  ZANS114-55S
Item Numbers:  Scw-Pak-G,  Scw-Pak-S
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