Eyeglass silicone cable extensions, also known as cable temples, cable tips, cable temple arm extension ends, cable temple extensions, and comfort cable conversion end tips are different from the typical spatula or straight edge (also known as library or librarian temple ends) temple ends in that they wrap around the eyeglass wearer's ear instead of resting on top of the ear.

Use of silicone cable temple extensions often provides a more secure eyewear fit while providing comfort by nature of the soft silicone that interacts with eyeglass wearer's skin.  Temple extensions for glasses are a popular optical spare part and are often used on fashion sunglasses, designer full rimmed frames and rimless frame dress eyewear, as well as low cost eyewear, cheap glasses, kids' glasses, and reading glasses.
Silicone (Soft)
- Adult Size - Silicone Eyeglass Cable Extension Tip End -
Adult Size
- Child Size - Silicone Eyeglass Cable Extension Tip End -
Child Size
Item Numbers:  CAB-A,  CAB-C
Cable temple conversion
Comfort cable temple tip specials
Low cost cable temple extensions
Eyeglass cable temple arm for frames, sunglasses, and glasses
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