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Nose Pad Buyers Guide for Glasses, Designer Eyewear, & Sunglasses
FAQ - Common Questions
Does NosePads.Com have a nose pad for a specific eyeglass frame?

Since there is no directory or catelogue that lists all eyeglass frame manufacturers along with the specific type of nose pads used in each frame, we cannot recommend a specific nose pad by merely knowing the glasses frame manufacturer and eyeglass frame name.

The determination of the particular type of nose pad required for an eyeglass frame or sunglass frame is determined by following the steps contained in our Nose Pads Buyers Guide. You may need to borrow or purchase an inexpensive millimeter(mm) ruler which generally costs about the price of a pencil!

For our "Buy One - Get One" offer, can the free product be different than the one purchased?

We have created this special promotion so that you receive an extra FREE spare product that is identical to the product purchased.  In this way, you actually do have a spare product!
Therefore, there are no substitutions allowed for the FREE product.

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