Side View
(A)LENGTH:           5.5mm (Extra Long Size)


(C)THREAD:           1.1mm

 MATERIAL:           Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel Screws for Nose Pads - Extra Long Size - Gold
Nose Pad Buyers Tip #101A new type of nose pad began appearing in the marketplace relatively recently.  Logic(R) nose pads, also called dual mount nose pads, are nose pads that have both a screw-in and push-in mounting flange protruding from the back side of the nose pad.  If an eyeglass nose pad mount requires a screw-on style of nose pad, then the optician or glasses repair technician can cut off the remaining flange that supported a push-on nose pad mount.  Similarly, if the eyeglass nose pad mount required a push-on configured nose pad, then the optical dispenser would cut off the flange that supported the screw-on type of nose pad.  Nose pads fabricated according to the Logic(R) system generally cost more than standard nose pads, and as such they are mainly stocked and used by optical stores and eyeglass repair shops that wish to reduce their inventory by stocking one type of nose pad style instead of two.  Since a consumer would rarely own two pairs of glasses that have the identical type of nose pads except for the type of nose pad mount, consumers generally don't purchase Logic(R) type nosepads due to their higher cost.
Mounting screws for nose pads
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