Nose Pad Buyers Guide for Glasses, Designer Eyewear, & Sunglasses
Push-On Nose Pads
Nose pads for metal frames as well as nose pads for plastic frames are often of the push-on style.

Push-on nose pads and nose pieces used on spectacle frames are characterized by an elongated rectangular shaped tab on the back of the nosepad.  The shape of this tab is similar to the flange that is present on screw-on nose pads. The primary difference is that a push-on nosepad does not have a hole in this flange, rather it is of solid construction.

As the name implies, a push on nose pad is pushed into a corresponding mating slot of a push-on nose pad mount, whereby the push-on nosepad is held securely.  Some push-on nose pad mounts have sides that must be pushed apart to allow the nose pad to be able to be inserted, whereupon the mount later snaps closed. 

Removal of a push-on pads for glasses frames involves pulling the nose pad outwards and away from the nose pad mount.  For nose pad mounts that snap closed as described above, the mount must first be pried open slightly before the nose pad will have sufficient clearance to be removed.

Nose pads and nose pad mounts as described above are predominately referred to as push-on.  Less frequently employed terms used to describe push on nose pads and nosepad mounting mechanisms are snap-in or push-in.

Sometimes a nose pad popper tool is used to help remove a push-on style nose pad from its nose pad mount.   Occasionally an optical needle nose pliers is used to hold the nose pad mounting stem in place while a push-on type nose pad is being either inserted or removed.  The action of the needle nose or similar optical tool is to prevent the wire-like nose pad stem from breaking or bending while the nose pad is is being manipulated.

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