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Optical Screwdriver
A Screwdriver with a narrow shaft and thin blade is a basic eyewear repair tool used by opticians and is essential for installing or removing screw-on or screw-in nosepads.

The optimum screwdriver has a rotational movable component that fits in the cup of the hand so that the user's fingers are able to rotate the screwdriver shaft for either tightening or loosening eyeglass nose pad  screws. These screwdrivers usually are referred to as a "jeweler's screwdriver", and are also useful for adjusting glasses temple screws.

Opticians may use a screwdriver to remove a push-on, push-in, or snap-in nosepad from the nose pad mounting arm.  In this case, the head of the screwdriver is placed between the inside base of the push-on nosepad and the nose pad mounting arm whereby the screwdriver is used to pry the nosepad away from the nose pad arm mount by applying a twisting motion.  This method of removing nosepads is more prone to scratching an eyeglass lens than the use of a nose pad popper tool.

Optical adjustment screwdrivers are generally low in cost and are often used in conjunction with a magnifying glass.

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Optical Jewelers Screwdriver for Eyeglass Nose Pad Replacement and Repair
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