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Saddle Bridge Selection Guide
Saddle Bridge Nose Pads:  Saddle bridge nose  pads are a unique type of eyeglass nose pad that  helps to alleviate the pressure of glasses on the  wearer's nose.  Typical nose pads are comprised  of a left and right pad which work together by  resting on each side of the nasal area.  In  contrast, a saddle bridge nose pad spreads the  weight of the glasses continuously over the top  and sides of the nose, thus reducing the weight  of the glasses on the nose surface.

Not all glasses are manufactured to accept  saddle bridge nose pads.  Typically, spectacles  are designed to either use a saddle bridge nose  pad or otherwise to use a complimentary pair of  left and right nose pads.

Saddle bridge nose pads are available in a  variety of sizes, materials, colors, and  mounting types.

Each saddle bridge nose pad is fabricated with a  specific type of mounting design which fits the  particular type of bridge mount on the eyewear  frame.

The major types of saddle bridge pad mounts are  pictured above.

When choosing a replacement saddle bridge for  your eyeglasses, be sure to take into account  the mounting method since different eyeglass manufacturers utilize different types of  mounting hardware to accom
modate each type of  saddle bridge nose pad.  A snap-in based saddle bridge will not fit a screw-hole based saddle  bridge.  Similarly, a saddle  bridge that uses two screw holes to mount to the  eyeglass frame will not be compatible with a  single hole or snap-on design.

Nose pads with a saddle bridge design ful
fill a  special need in the eyewear marketplace to  address the needs of spectacle wearers who wish  to enhance the comfort of their glasses by  reducing the weight and pressure exerted on  their nose.

To view our wide selection of Saddle bridge nose  pads, kindly click on the
Saddle Bridge Nose Pads link in our nose pads store.

Click on the Saddle Bridge Nose Pads Selection Guide link for an excellent resource describing the various saddle bridge nose pads options including photographs of the major types of mounting methods.

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