Nose Pad Buyers Guide for Glasses, Designer Eyewear, & Sunglasses
Why Replace Nose Pads?
A common question is whether nose pads for glasses always need to be replaced.  The answer is no! 

Some glasses nose pads or nose pieces such as those made of hard materials like titanium rarely need replacing unless they become damaged by an odd event such as falling on a rough surface whereby the titanium surface that comes in contact with the skin becomes marred or otherwise scraped.  Asides from such circumstances, nose pads of titanium typically last the lifetime of the eyeglass frame and beyond!
Most other types of nose pad materials, however, are softer and more easily damaged or degraded due to normal daily wear and thus require occasional replacing.

Unlike some other eyeglass parts, nose pads are almost never repaired, but are just replaced when they degrade.

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