Nose Pad Buyers Guide for Glasses, Designer Eyewear, & Sunglasses
Glasses Nose Pads
Glasses nose pads are the most common eyeglass maintenance and repair part!

Some people wonder why the pair of glasses or sunglasses that they purchased from an eyeglass shop should need any routine maintenance at all.  Well ....sometimes eyeglasses don't and sometimes they do need occasional maintenance.

Basically, glasses nose pads and nose pieces are sometimes the most vulnerable component of a pair of prescription glasses since they are often constructed of soft materials such as silicone, vinyl, or soft PVC.  During normal daily use, nose pads may degrade due to contact friction against an eyeglass wearer's skin or merely by scraping against the surface of a table.  Skin oils, eyeglass lens cleaning solutions, as well as soap and water may also chemically degrade nose pads.

As you can see, soft materials used in nose pad construction are of a dual nature.  They provide a comfortable fit, but they are also more apt to become damaged or degraded due to their soft composition.

On the other hand, pads for frames fabricated from harder materials such as in titanium nose pads or polycarbonate (PC) nose pads, provide a firmer fit and are less likely to become damaged or degraded due to physical or chemical interactions.

Thus, whether your glasses will need to have nose pads replaced during its lifetime is largely dependent on the materials used in the construction of the nosepads as well as the care and the environment that they are exposed to.

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