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12mm x 7mm
OptiPad(R) Replacement Nose Pads for Oakley Sunglasses and Eyeglasses
Replacement Nose Pads For Oakley Wingfold EVR EVS
Oakley Wingfold EVR EVS Nose Pad Replacements
Oakley Wingfold EVR EVS VS
Replacement Nose Pads

Oakley Compatible Nose Pads
Buyer's Tip:  OptiPad®  supplies premium quality replacement nose pads for the Oakley Wingfold EVR, EVR, and VS series of eyeglasses and sunglasses.  This exciting Oakley series brings a new level of sophistication to the clean styling of the popular rimless eyeglass frame.  This rimless eyewear collection  accentuates the facial structures of the wearer and doesn't distract with unusual shapes or strident colors.  To maintain the comfort and hygiene of your Oakley eyewear, install our premium quality OptiPad® replacement nose pads for the Oakley Wingfold EVR, EVR, and VS styles.
Air Snap-In - $6.95/(10-Pair)
( Total of 10 Pairs )
(5 Pair & FREE 5 Pair)