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OptiPad(R) Replacement Nose Pads for Oakley Sunglasses and Eyeglasses
Replacement Nose Pads For Oakley Given Sun
Oakley Given Sun Nose Pad Replacements
Oakley Given Sun
Replacement Nose Pads

Oakley Compatible Nose Pads
Buyer's Tip:  The Oakley Given Sun sunglasses style is manufactured with lightweight materials and precision engineering to provide sunglasses that not only provide quality optics but unsurpassed comfort.  Premium quality OptiPad® replacement nose pads for the Oakley Given Sun compliment this fine frame in that only the softest most supple top-grade silicone is used in their fabrication. Each silicone nose pad is constructed with a soft outer shell that encloses an air bubble chamber that acts like a shock absorber.  Each nose pad separates the weight of the sunglasses frame from the underlying nasal area where the frame makes contact with the wearer.
Air Snap-In - $6.95/(10-Pair)
( Total of 10 Pairs )
(5 Pair & FREE 5 Pair)