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12mm x 7mm
OptiPad(R) Replacement Nose Pads for Oakley Sunglasses and Eyeglasses
Replacement Nose Pads For Oakley EVR
Oakley EVR Nose Pad Replacements
Oakley EVR
Replacement Nose Pads

Oakley Compatible Nose Pads
Buyer's Tip: OptiPad® replacement nose pads for the Oakley EVR eyeglasses provide a symmetrical large surface area that evenly distributes the weight of the eyeglass frame across the underlying nasal area to enhance the lightweight features of the Oakley EVR style.  For comfort and style, think Oakley eyewear and OptiPad® replacement nose pads.
Air Snap-In - $6.95/(10-Pair)
( Total of 10 Pairs )
(5 Pair & FREE 5 Pair)