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OptiPad(R) Replacement Nose Pads for Oakley Sunglasses and Eyeglasses
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Replacement Nose Pads For Oakley Carbon Blade
Oakley Carbon Blade Nose Pad Replacements
Oakley Carbon Blade
Replacement Nose Pads

Oakley Compatible Nose Pads
Buyer's Tip:  The Oakley Carbon Blade sunglasses eyeglass leads the trend in lightweight eyewear with use of advanced carbon fiber.  This is the material found in state-of-the-art aircraft designs as it provides both high strength and superior durability.   To compliment this advanced frame material, think OptiPad® replacement nose pads for the Oakley Carbon Blade as these nose pads use only premium quality super soft and supple silicone.  The center of each nose pad contains a bubble of air which self adjusts according to the specific frame and lens weight of the eyeglasses.  To compliment the advanced eyewear design, use superior quality silicone OptiPad® replacement nose pads for the Oakley Carbon Blade.
Air Snap-In - $6.95/(10-Pair)
( Total of 10 Pairs )
(5 Pair & FREE 5 Pair)